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With a profound passion for recreating reality and an unwavering commitment to intricate detailing, I bring a unique blend of artistic finesse and technical expertise.

In my current and previous roles, I have consistently demonstrated a dedication to precision and realism, deriving immense pleasure from crafting objects that authentically capture the essence of the world around us. My portfolio showcases a commitment to pushing creative boundaries, ensuring each project is a true-to-life masterpiece. My journey in the realm of video production has equipped me with a rich skill set, combining technical expertise with a keen artistic vision. Notably, my involvement in projects such as the “Virtual Museum of the Ancient Via Flaminia” at CNR Italy, which garnered international awards and acclaim, reflects my commitment to pushing creative boundaries and achieving excellence.

Also, I have consistently demonstrated a meticulous approach to detail and a dedication to delivering visually stunning results. The accolades and recognitions received from esteemed publications like The New York Times, The Seattle Times, Le Figaro, and USA Today for my work on the “Ancient Via Flaminia Virtual Museum” showcase the impact of my contributions. Moreover, my proficiency in creating commercials for both national and international companies, as highlighted in my resume, speaks to my ability to adapt to diverse brand identities and effectively communicate their narratives through visual storytelling. In essence, my approach to creating logos and corporate identities is a testament to my commitment to elevating brands through visually compelling and strategically aligned design.

Key strengths that set me apart include:

Meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing an immersive and authentic design experience.

Proven ability to recreate reality through advanced 3D graphic design techniques.

A passion for pushing creative boundaries, consistently striving for excellence in every project.

Technical expertise in utilizing cutting-edge tools to bring artistic visions to life.

What sets me apart is not only my technical prowess but also my genuine passion for eliciting the “wow” effect in the eyes of my clients. I thrive on the challenge of bringing innovative concepts to life and exceeding expectations.