Something about me.

Seasoned 3D Graphic Designer, offering 20+ years of professional value in immersing audiences in captivating visual experiences with a passion for pushing the boundaries of design innovation. Armed with an exceptional ability to seamlessly blend artistic flair with technical expertise, developed a distinguished career bringing ideas to life in the realms of animation, virtual environments and multimedia campaigns. With a proven track record of steering projects from concept to completion, poised to elevate brands through immersive and unforgettable visual narratives. Proficeint in captivating 2D and 3D videos for both national & international events, producing compelling commercials for renowned Italian and Global Enterprises as well as delivering cutting-edge video effects for Short Films & Music Videos. Specialized in the art of crafting distinctive logos & corporate identities, encompassing the nuanced domains of typography and print design. Holding fusion of creativity and strategic thinking, ensuring that the visual representation aligns seamlessly with the brand’s essence and objectives.